What We Do
  1. DIYProjects
    Together we save is very much about repurpose, upcycle, and creating low cost affordable projects for your home. It's about saving money, space, the earth, and more!
  2. No limits
    No limits
    You'll find blogs on things such as raising kids, budgeting, and so much more. We don't limit ourselves to any one category.
About Us
We are all about saving money, people, and anything else that we can do to lighten up on the overload of waste on this planet.
My name is Melissa. For now, together we save is myself and my family. We open our arms to anyone who would like to join us in our venture to save.... ANYTHING! It could be animals, furniture, kids, or just about anything. 
We pride ourselves on having open minds and the ability to accept ALL creative ideas. We love input and feed back, so please contact us anytime at [email protected]